Welcome to Rácalmás

It is my pleasure to welcome You on the new homepage of Rácalmás. I hope thewebsite provides useful information. Our aim is to let the visitors of the site get toknow the history of our settlement, get a clear picture of the improvements completedrecently and planned for the future, get an insight into the life of non-governmentalorganizations operating in our town. With the help of the services provided by ourclient-friendly local government citizens of our settlement can manage certainbusiness tasks even online.

We are proud of the excellent geographical location, beautiful natural environment,and exquisite infrastructure of our settlement. The old village with its magicalatmosphere having preserved its street structure for several centuries, the water-sport, line-fishing, and touring facilities owing to the closeness of the River Danube,our historic buildings, public statues, festivals famous throughout the country are allvirtues making our settlement attractive for both the local residents and our visitors.

We strive to preserve our values, maintain our traditions and cooperate to enrich oursettlement through a lot of work. Strengthening local economy and communitybuilding are particularly focussed on, as well as making our settlement more andmore attractive for families wishing to settle down here and also for commercialinvestors.

Nowadays, Rácalmás is the home of almost five thousand small-town citizens; it isthe most developed settlement in the region, and at the same time a favoured touristdestination. If you have not visited us yet, I hope to see you in person in our town inthe near future.

István Schrick